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November 17th, 2016

search for (MD_ARTIST:”The Clash”) AND (MD_TITLE:*london*) … @goobi @intranda

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Genusit Looking forward to presentations from @geofflaycock22 & @pregopresto for @intranda @goobi conference. See you @wienerlibrary tomorrow!

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@rotnroll666 I think the same about your job. Possibly we both do cool stuff! :-)

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wienerlibrary .@pregopresto Hoping to leave plenty of time for open discussion - lots of smart minds coming from near & far for @goobi Day tomorrow!

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.@wienerlibrary Great! I don’t know if I can answer all questions directly after my presentation, but for sure in the afternoon session!

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Things that didn’t change since my childhood? I don’t “clean” my shoes. I just add (enough) new color on top!

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@rotnroll666 @tinasimons Ich kann mich ohne Probleme hinstellen und den ganzen Tag erzählen. Aber mich kurz zu fassen fällt mir immer schwer

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I just practised my presentation for tomorrow and needed six more minutes than I’m allowed to… Hmmm…..…iT

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@thdirks Ich habe dort vor 2 Tagen angerufen (Nachmittags, 17:15h) und hatte innerhalb von 5 Minuten einen Mitarbeiter an der Leitung.

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